November 7th, 2012

Today was an active day in Punta Norte. Days are getting longer, we had mild winds and temperatures, with some cloud cover.
Things started early . At 6:30 AM, Maga, Valen, Mica, Shehuen, Maga’s pup, plus 2 others, grabbed an Elephant Seal pup, aobut 5 km South of the Mirador, killing it and sharing the catch. Half an hour later, we spotted Jazmin, Lea and Konke patrolling and chasing Southern Right Whales, pretty close where the others had been before.
At around 5 PM Maga with the rest of her group (Valen, Mica Sheuen and the Little one) did two strandings, with one capture of an Elephant seal, which they killed and shared, in Punta Norte, leaving the area towards the South.
Jazmin, Lea and Konke, also left the area towards the South. We did not see the 2 unidentiified ones again.

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