April 1 to 5, 2013

April 1: Dark clouds, rain and wind from the East were the start of the day in Punta Norte. From the lighthouse, Juan Copello spotted 2 Orca, in the NW of Medina Bay. We identified them as JC and Antu, who spent a part of the day coming and going from Medina Bay to the attack channel. Antu did not strand and they left the area towards the NW.
April 3: Early in the morning, with fog and rain, Ingrid Visser and Juan Copello saw a couple of blows at the W. End of Medina Bay, finally confirming the presence of Llen and Golouen. They spent some time in the area, patrolling and resting, from the South Bay to Medina, where Llen stranded, capturing a pup, playing and and sharing it with Golouen. They were later joined by 3 other orca, one possibly a male, which we could not identify, until we lost them NW of Medina Bay.

April 4: Llen and Golouen spent some time in the area, but they did not capture any pups.
April 5: Maga’s group of 5 (Maga, Sheuen, Valen, Mica and the baby , junto con Llen y Golouen captured some pups in the Attack Channel and the Mirador today. No attacks had been recorded in the Attack channel for 35 days!!!
The PNOR Team

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