April 18, 2013

Warm and sunny day in Punta Norte. Light breeze, from different directions, calm seas, were the ideal conditions to see Orca. At around noon, Punta Norte guardafauna Isabel Peinecura, tells us she sees two, one with a large fin, which went into Medina Bay where we could ID them as JC and Antu. they were both resting and moving towards the West, where we lost them.
Later, Isabel tells us that she sees another group coming from the South, which happened to be Maga’s group, plus one individual that we could not identify. They spent some time in the Attack Channel, ,capturing some pups in the water, and doing some practice strandings, while also playing with the captured put. Leoni Gaffet kept us informed about what this group was doing.
Meanwhile, some of us were at Medina Bay waiting, JC and Antu surprised us by arriving very close to the shore,
Antu, stranded close to us, but did not capture a pup. They continued towards the Mirador and later Southwards.
Later in the afternoon, while the other group was still in the Attack Channel area, , we spotted, again from the West of Medina, Llen and Golouen, who continued towards the Mirador, while Llen attempted to capture pups along their way East, and South towards the Mirador.
By the end of the afternoon, 10 Orca had been seen in the area, and the group of 8 went towards the Medina Bay area, leaving the Mirador. A great day in Punta Norte.
The PNOR Team

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