April 19 and 20, 2013

19: Another spectacular day in Punta Norte. Nice temperature, sun, and 8 Orca in the area. JC, Antu plus Maga’s group (Valen, Mica, Sheuen, and the baby), with Pao, patrolled the area, from Medina Bay to the rookeries located 8 KM South of the Mirtador. Maga’s group stranded 21 times, capturing 4 pups. They did “pup tennis” and then shared the catch. It was dusk and they still were inside the Attack Channel.

20: The weather was still great, during a long part of the day, with North wind, starting to blow, getting stronger in the late afternoon. Maga’s group plus Pao, spent the day in the area, stranding 7 times, capturing 3 pups. They also captured some from the surf. At the end of the day, with rough seas, they were still playing “tennis” while traveling North of the Bay.
The PNOR Team

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