April 21, 22, 23, 2013

21: Nice day in Punta Norte, moderate winds, high temperatures for the season. We waited for a long time, during the whole day, since the conditions were ideal, and only at the end of the afternoon, we could spot a group of 5 Orca, coming from the West through Medina Bay, patrolling the coast. We could only ID Jazmin in the group, since we could not have a good look at the other 4. Jazmin had not been photographed in Punta Norte for several months. They disappeared as fast as they appeared, at dusk, without leaving any trail.

22: At dawn, 5 orca were in the Attack Channel. We tried to identify them but had no success and they were gone by mid-morning.

23: the day started with Orca in the Attack Channel. We could ID Maga’s group, plus Pao. They went from the Lagoon to the Attack Channel, and South Bay, stranding 30 times with 22 captures, some really spectacular due to their speed. They also played “pup tennis”, sending one over 30 meters in the air. The juveniles Sheuen and the baby, helped in the hunt, by swimming intrepidly in the surf. They later continued South and re-appeared in Medina Bay in the afternoon, where Maga stranded, capturing a pup, which was also subject to “tennis”. The night was setting in with the group in the area.
The PNOR team

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