April 24, 2013

Early in the morning, at sunrise, we were at the Mirador, eager to find Orca, which were seen the night before, in Medina Bay. We found them, in the Bay, swimming Eastward. Immediately Leoni Gaffet, went to the South Bay, Juan Copello to the Attack Channel, and Ingrid Visser to the Lagoon. Isabel Peinecura and Jorge Cazenave stayed at the Mirador. After some time, not seeing them, Jorge went to the Lighthouse, where he could see them in the Western point of Medina Bay, where they stranded 3 times, with 2 captures. Again, they turned Eastward, and in minutes, the whole area was covered in dense mist, which made following them with the binoculars impossible. They could be followed just at the shoreline, which was the only thing we could see. The group past the Mirador, the Attack Channel and Laguna Sur, spending some time in the different places. They were identified as Maga’s group with Pao (6 animals). After a long period of fog and rough seas, , with the tide coming down, the fog started dispersing, and they were seen traveling South, by the shore.
Orcas in the Mist
the PNOR Team

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