April 27, 28, 2013

Maga’s group (Maga, Mica, Valen, Sheuen and the baby) are still in the area, joined by Pao. yesterday, the 27th, we had 3 strandings with 3 captures, 2 North of the Mirador, and one in Medina bay, performed by Maga and Mica.
Today, the same group patrolled Punta Norte, Magao and Pao stranding 3 times (2 North of the Mirador and one in the lagoon), capturing one pup,

We are a couple of days away from the end of the season, since only one member of PNOR is still in the area, but will leave in a few days. We will keep sending the updates through the reports of the Punta Norte Park Rangers.
The PNOR Team

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