Photo ID Catalogue  Yearly, the researchers of Punta Norte Orca Research photograph each orca to confirm identifying marks, as well as any new marks the animal has acquired. Photo identification of the orca is not as easy as it looks, and requires patience and practice; however, it is less disturbing to the animals than using tags. YellowCircle NOTE: Hunts by stranding (strander)

PTN-001 Mel ♂ Strander PTN-001-MEL_ok

PTN-002 Jazmin ♀ Strander PTN-002-Jasmin_ok

PTN-003 Lea ♀ Strander ID

PTN-004 Maga ♀ Strander ID

PTN-005 Ishtar ♀ Strander ID

PTN-006 Pao ♂ Strander ID

PTN-007 Mela ID

PTN-008 Mica ♀ Strander ID

PTN-009 Valen ♀ Strander ID

PTN-010 Llen ♀ Strander PTN-010-Llen

PTN-011 JC ♂ ID

PTN-012 Antu ♀ Strander ID

PTN-013 Tyson ♂ ID

PTN-014 Sol ♀ ID

PTN-015 Lola Strander ID

PTN-016 Issy ID

PTN-017 Pash ♂ 017 Pash

PTN-018 Shekei PTN-018 Shekei ♀

PTN-019 Jaluel ♂ Strander PTN-019-Jaluel

PTN-020 Golouen PTN-020-Golouen

PTN-021 Sheuen ID

PTN-022 Konke ID